Cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular. Through these high-tech cosmetic options, patients are able to boost their confidence and improve their smile with several types of procedures. A smile is usually the first thing a person notices, so let Guillot Dental give you the best first impression!

According to the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), cosmetic dentistry is “a dentistry aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile.” These procedures help improve the look of your teeth with quick and painless procedures. The confidence that you will gain from any of these procedures is priceless. As the saying goes, a smile is worth a thousand words!

Procedures within cosmetic dentistry:

When you are missing one or more of your teeth, it can negatively affect your confidence in your smile and in yourself. An easy way to replace them is through dental implants. Dental implants allow you to insert partial dentures or complete sets, depending on your specific needs. To do this, artificial roots are inserted into your gums to which the teeth are attached. The implants are secured in place and are re-tightened every so often by your dentist or periodontist. The strong base provided in this service allows for removable replacement teeth that match your existing teeth, giving you your natural smile back! With dental implants, you will have an improved appearance, because the implants look like your real teeth. Your speech will improve because of the sturdy fit of the implants. You will have improved comfort, which is unlike removable dentures. They will also improve your ability to eat, improve your oral health, and improve your self-esteem. Unfortunately, most dental insurance plans will not cover dental implants, but at Guillot Dental, we can work with you on a payment plan to get you your perfect smile.

Dental porcelain, or dental ceramic, is a material used to create authentic-looking dental restorations. These types of restorations include:

  • Porcelain crowns
  • Porcelain fixed bridges
  • Porcelain inlays
  • Porcelain on lays
  • Porcelain veneers

Porcelain crowns cover an entire tooth to strengthen it and resemble your real tooth. However, these will need to be replaced after some time. Porcelain fixed bridges are fixed porcelain-fused metal structures that can fill the space of a missing tooth without shifting the position of your other teeth. Porcelain inlays are a durable alternative to crowns, but fills in the inner portion of decayed or broken teeth . These also may need replacing after some time. Porcelain on lays are similar in structure to porcelain inlays, but on lays cover only one pointed section, or cusp, or the tooth that is affected. Lastly, porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain put on the front of teeth to reshape them, correct their color, or fix the spacing between them with a natural look. These will also be replaced after a few years.

Another form of cosmetic dentistry offered by Guillot Dental is bonding. Dental bonding involves a natural tooth-colored plastic material applied to the tooth to fix cracked or chipped teeth, decayed teeth, short teeth, and misshapen teeth. During this procedure, the tooth being fixed is roughened and a conditioning solution is put onto its surface, which helps the bonding material stick. The bonding material, similar in feel to putter, is applied and molded to the specific shape and size of the tooth. It is often a procedure done in lieu of other, more expensive procedures. Although bonding is not stain-resistant, it does not usually require the patient to undergo anesthesia. Dental bonding is a great option for small cosmetic changes to your teeth.

Composite fillings are tooth-colored fillings used to fix a tooth that is cracked or decaying. The affected portion of the tooth is removed and replaced with this substance. This type of filling is usually used because of its close resemblance in color to natural teeth. This allows for these fillings to be done in the front of the mouth without an obvious discoloration. Similarly, composite fillings may need to be replaced after some time but are very durable.

Lastly, teeth whitening services are a quick way to change the color of your tooth enamel and beautify your smile! There are many ways to whiten your teeth, some of which can be found at your local pharmacy. All of these whitening techniques use a whitening solution to bleach the teeth, which may cause some sensitivity to the teeth. This is normal. Although, this service is not permanent and will need to be redone every so often, especially if your diet consists of a lot of sugar, coffee, wine, or if you smoke. 

At Guillot Dental, we take pride in bringing back your natural, authentic smile. With a number of cosmetic services provided, you can be sure that our professionals can boost your confidence in your smile and address all of your cosmetic concerns. If you have any questions about the services we provide, or if you just have concerns about your smile, give Guillot Dental a call at 337-237-1843, or visit us online for more information on how we can best serve you! We will get to the root of your teeth troubles!