Hello, Healthy Smile

With the new year comes new self-care promises and goals for many. Does dental and oral care ever make that self-care list for you?

Our team at Guilliot Family Dentistry, your local family dentist in Lafayette and Broussard, LA, are here to guide you in the right direction for making your overall oral health a priority when making your New Year’s resolutions with these 5 dental health-driven tips and tricks:


You will be flossing in the new year showing off that bright smile of yours with a daily flossing routine! Flossing is a task that many do not like taking on. However, it is crucial to your oral health as it allows you to remove plaque and build-up in between your teeth.

This aids in gum health as flossing is a way to prevent gum disease. Brushing without flossing is not a routine you want to bring into the new year.

Lack of flossing does not allow for food particles to be removed from in between your teeth that brushing cannot, leading to a build-up of plaque and tartar, then possibly gum disease like gingivitis. Bring a new habit into the new year of flossing at least once per day in combination with brushing twice per day.

Place the floss out where you have a visual reminder. Choosing floss sticks is also an easy and convenient way to get your flossing game going. Find what works for you in working flossing into your daily routine and stick with it.

Sweeth Tooth

Holiday sweets and treats need to come to a halt in the new year for your dental health’s sake, as well as your overall health. Choosing naturally sweetened foods and drinks or sugar-free over those artificially and heavily sweetened ones is going to help your overall health significantly and reduce your chances of gum diseases caused by excessive sugar intake. If you dive into some sweet treats, try remembering to rinse your mouth with fluoride after to wash away any sugar that may still be on the surface of your teeth.

Healthy Foods

Add choosing dental-approved healthy eating in your everyday snacks and meals to your New Year’s resolutions, too. Carrots, cheese, leafy greens, and fish, for example, are all power-packed with oral health benefits. Carrots not only provide you with a great source of fiber but also increase saliva production, which helps in reducing the risk of cavities.

Cheese raises the pH levels inside your mouth, lowering your risk of tooth decay. Cheese is also protein and calcium-packed, which strengthens your enamel. Leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, and cabbage, are good for a full dose of vitamin B, folic acids, fiber, and potassium. The calcium in leafy greens will help to strengthen your tooth enamel.

Fish, such as tuna and mackerel, offer you a generous source of vitamin D and calcium to also aid in strengthening your tooth enamel while also providing Omega 3 to your body. These are just some of many oral health-conscious choices you can make in the new year.


Refraining from tobacco consumption through cigarettes and chewing is highly recommended for the longevity of your oral and health care. Tobacco intake can lead to tooth loss, gum disease, and oral cancer; none of which you want to bring into the new year with you.

If you are a tobacco user now, it is strongly encouraged to break that habit and give yourself a fresh start with a new year. If you are not currently a tobacco user, add sticking to this to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Schedule Dental Check-ups with Family Dentist in Lafayette and Broussard, LA

Lastly, book your routine check-ups with your dentist for you and your family. Being in the know about your oral care is another path to a healthier smile in 2022. Six-month check-ups are highly encouraged and suggested to maintain your oral health and have that built-up plaque and tartar removed, reducing the risk of oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

If you are looking for a new family dentist in Lafayette or Broussard, LA, make your appointment today with Guilliot Family Dentistry for the new year.