Back to School Dental Checklist
The end of summer is here, and kids are back in school! Preparing for school is an exciting time of the year for parents and kids. Now is the time to shop for school supplies, new clothes, and put your back-to-school checklist together. Creating a checklist will make sure your students have everything they need to kick off the new school year. In addition to the usual items, there are some items to consider for keeping your child’s smile bright and healthy! Guilliot Family Dentistry in Lafayette provides a back-to-school checklist with everything for a great school year!

Back to School Checklist


Bookbags are an essential item for school children. They store everything they need for the day and oftentimes go with them from class to class. Pick a lightweight bookbag with enough storage to hold books, snacks, and any other essentials. Many bookbags will have separate pockets so your student can separate books from snacks and other items. Look for bookbags that are durable and heavy-duty, as you want them to last the whole school year. Luckily, they come in tons of different styles, so your child can pick the bag that fits their personality.

Pencils and Pens

Having plenty of pencils and pens makes sure your student is ready for anything. There are plenty of pen varieties that you can choose from, but make sure to keep a few black or blue pens in their bookbags. Always keep several pens in case one stops working or runs out of ink! Number 2 pencils are the school standard, and they come in many different styles. Classic yellow is great, or even pencils with their favorite sports team on them are great options. 


Make sure to have plenty of notebooks for taking notes or doing homework. Pick a notebook that has perforated pages, so they can easily and cleanly tear if you need to turn in a paper!

Another good idea is to pick different colored notebooks. This makes it easy to know which notebooks are for each class and keeps your student organized. 

Healthy Snacks

When your child is at school, pack them healthy snacks or lunches for each day. Avoid snacks that are high in sugar to keep them healthy and protect their teeth! In terms of drinks, water is the best option. To keep your child’s smile healthy, avoid sodas, sugary drinks, and highly acidic juices. Orange juice is an example of a drink with a lot of sugar and acid that can damage teeth.

Toothcare Kit

Pack a toothcare kit for your child! Encourage them to brush and floss after each meal to keep their smile looking great. Traditional floss can be a hassle on the go, so look for plastic or bio-degradable flossers. Travel toothbrush kits, like the ones you take on airplanes, are a great option for taking to school. For children’s toothpaste, many come in travel-sized tubes. When picking the toothpaste, look for one with fluoride. Toothpaste with fluoride helps build up and protect teeth from damage.

Guilliot Dental – Family Dentistry in Lafayette

Preparing for school is a fun time for everyone! Creating a checklist makes sure your student has everything they need when they are back in the classroom. Healthy brushing habits built at home and at school make sure your child has a healthy and beautiful smile. Back to school time also means it is time for a dental checkup and teeth cleaning! Guilliot Dental provides family dentistry in Lafayette and Broussard. Our team of dental health experts will make sure your child is ready for school with the brightest smile. Schedule your family dentistry appointment today!