They say you are never fully dressed without a smile. But, what if your smile is less than perfect?  Dental implants can help you look more professional and confident in the mirror. Dental implants are not only for those who have lost their teeth, but also for people with serious conditions that require braces. These implants are available in different sizes and shapes, so that you can choose from  a wide range of options. There are many types of dental implants available in the market, which include braces, crowns and other dental devices. Some of which are very popular among the general public. However, there are several myths and misconceptions about dental implants. Here are some of them:

Dental Implants Look Fake!

Dental implants may not be your natural teeth, but because of new dental technology, implants are looking more real than ever. The visible portion of the implant is called a “prosthetic crown.” Made of a composite material, the implants can be customized to match the patient’s natural teeth in shape and color. This means that they will look like regular teeth. Dental implants will not only feel and look real, but they will also function like natural teeth. They will need to be cleaned in the same manner as natural teeth, and they will provide the same structure and functionality as traditional teeth.

My Teeth Are Too Far Gone For Dental Implants.

Because dental implants are implanted into the jawbone, the patient need not have perfect teeth prior to implantation. The patient does, however, need a structurally sound jawbone to maintain proper alignment. Sometimes, that is not always necessary, as the patient can undergo a bone graft to add the needed structure to the jawbone. In summary, the qualifications necessary for dental implants are not extremely limited, and you may be surprised how many patients are eligible.

I Am Too Old For Dental Implants.

Wrong! In fact, the opposite can be true; you can be too young for implants. Because dental implants require a sturdy jawbone for implantation, younger patients can be ineligible for implants. Older patients tend to make better patients for dental implant surgery. The only hindrance they may face is if they have an infection or other medical condition, such as gum disease or diabetes, that prevents them from using dental implants. Ultimately, the only factor about age that limits the ability to get dental implants is by being too young.

Dental Implants Are Entirely Too Painful!

While dental implant surgery can cause some pain in the initial days after, most of the pain is thwarted by anesthesia or other numbing agents given to the patient during the procedure. In fact, most patients feel only minor soreness and discomfort after implantation. This soreness usually goes away after the first few weeks. However, it is important to notify your dentist if you are experiencing extreme pain during or after the procedure, as this can be a sign you have an infection.

Dental Implants Are Too Expensive!

While it may seem like the cost of dental implants are astronomical, they are not. Dental implants cost more than any other type of dental treatment, but they also last the longest. This means that while the upfront cost may be a little higher, it will save you money over time by not having to pay for additional treatments. Dental implants can also be partially or completely covered by your dental insurance, so make sure to check your coverage before you get the procedure. Lastly, there may be payment arrangements that can be made with your dental office that can make that procedure more affordable.

All in all, dental implants are a great option for those with broken and/or missing teeth. While there may be some misconceptions out there regarding this procedure, you can rest assured that dental implants are safe and effective. If you have any questions, contact Guillot Family Dentistry in Lafayette or Broussard, LA. Their knowledgeable staff can provide you with the most in-depth information regarding dental implants and other dental services that are available to you.