These days, there seems to be a different doctor for everything. In the dental world, there are pediatric dentists, regular dentists, orthodontists, and the list goes on. What if you could choose just one dentist to serve all your dental needs for your growing family? The good news is you can–you just need to find an experienced family dentist. A family dentist is someone who can serve all the members or your family without having to bounce your family members from one dentist to the other. Finding an experienced local dental office can make the difference in your family’s dental health. Guilliot Dental has an experienced dental team to take care of every single family member. Receiving healthcare from a family dentistry firm can have more than one benefit and add value to your family’s smile for years to come.

1. Your Whole Family Knows Your Dentist
This probably goes without saying, but it is such a stress relief for both parents and children to not worry about constantly introducing another doctor. We know that it can take a little while for our child or children to warm up to a doctor, so having to constantly introduce a new one gets a little complicated. The benefit of growing with the same dentist is a great bonus, plus parents can choose the same one for their own dental needs. 

2. Access to Dental History
Another helpful benefit when staying with a family dentist is the easy tracking of all dental records. When there are multiple dentists involved, sometimes it can be difficult locating all your records and history in one place, especially when it is needed for each visit. There may come circumstances where a dentist may need to quickly reference if their patient reacted a certain way to medicine or a procedure. Also, just like with regular healthcare, many times parents or siblings will share similar issues, so having everyone’s records in one place can be crucial. 

3. Ease Dental Anxiety
Adults and children both have to face this periodically when visiting the dentist: sometimes it’s just scary. Teeth pain can seem to be a special kind of pain and especially when you need dental work done, it’s hard not to dread the appointment. Once again, though, having the comfortability of a well visited family dentist and already establishing that trust can make all the difference. 
4. Preventative Care
With a family dentist you and your children are more likely to schedule appointments and keep them. When your child is routinely seeing their dentist, many times it’s possible to correct teeth issues before they become permanent, as opposed to if they wait to be checked in their later years. For adults, they are more likely to show up to their appointments with a family dentist than to cancel them. All around, there is more accountability when seeing a family dentist.

5. Emergency Dental Situations
As parents, you probably know the possibility of needing a dentist available for emergencies is likely to happen. If a tooth is chipped or broken due to an accident, it can be stressful to try to locate a dentist spur of the moment. With a family dentist, you do not need to worry about finding a different dentist to take care of your teeth for emergencies.

Serving Your Whole Family at Guilliot Dental
Our staff at Guilliot Dental is ready to start seeing your whole family, addressing their dental health and making sure to see them on a routine basis. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in all things dental, including making a comfortable and un-intimidating environment for children. With our convenient location downtown in Lafayette or on St. Nazaire in Broussard, our practice is accessible and looking forward to caring for your whole family. Reach out today and we’ll get your family on our schedule–we can’t wait to see your smiles.